ANTIindifference is a charitable project to help orphans in Russia. Everybody who is touched with children's wronged by life could participate in charitable project dedicated to help orphans.

«Children Of The World» - the international charitable fund actively promote this project. To attract attention of public The Fund printed posters and places them in the Moscow Subway, publishes promo reels for TVchannels and celebrates holidays to orphans. The Project is also supported by Sberbank - the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe.
Financial accounts of the project's  realization would be published at this website.

Website of the project:
Website of The Fund Children Of The World:

To help children:

USD: Z308796921462
RUR: R289205296643
EURO: E140319094223

You can find the full list of donation ways at the page
We will be grateful to everyone, who will decide to render financial support in frameworks of our projects. You can make a donation to the International Charitable Fund next ways:

To help children:

SMS  #help  phone 80888   (2.6 usd)
SMS #kids   phone 80888   (2.6 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 179479   (2.5 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 179479   (2.5 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 7910   (4 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 7910   (4 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 5339   (1.9 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 5339   (1.9 usd)

Holland (Netherlands)
SMS   #help  phone 7117   (2 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 7117   (2 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 2322   (3.1 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 2322   (3.1 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 9090150    (2.2 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 9090150    (2.2 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 9090199    (4.35 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 9090199    (4.35 usd)

Britain  British England  Britain the Great Britain
SMS   #help  phone 69067   (3.4 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 69067   (3.4 usd)

Britain  British England  Britain the Great Britain
SMS   #help  phone 79067   (8.5 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 79067   (8.5 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 4565   (2.6 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 4565   (2.6 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 72170    (2.6 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone 72170    (2.6 usd)

SMS   #help  phone 4545   (2.5 usd)
SMS  #kids   phone  4545  (2.5 usd)

Spasibo (Thank You).